Essential gems for Ruby on Rails

By kedinn 2015/02/06

Framework Ruby on Rails is a very powerful tool for the development of applications Web. It comes with a pile of integrated characteristics that help to accelerate the development of the application, such as intelligent routing and a mapeador object-relation, all of them with a landlord MVC.

Rails is designed of a way very easy to use. Where a great amount of gems of Ruby has been created to facilitate in the application and to accelerate its process of development.  It will show a gem list that we considered very useful.



Devise is one of gems used commonly more. It provides a solution easy to use authentication of users for his Rails application that will allow him to obtain login, registry, if forgetfulness his password and many more characteristics related to the account usuary.


Or we know Devise for the authentication but what it is necessary is the Authorization to know that the user has permission to conduct a battle or access to a resource. Pundit is in charge of all the process, providing a way simple to define the authorization systems being used nothing else that classes of Ruby.


If you know Sass for CSS and CoffeScript for Javascript then Slim is for HTML and Rails. Slim allows to maintain very easy to read the views due to its simple syntax and is very fast to comparison of Haml that is another good option similar to Slim.


Draper allows him to create decorators around its models. that in addition to simplifying the own creation to us of our decorators, it adds to a series of generators and helpers to us that is going to us to be very useful, to himself to avoid to write too much code.


The Cells allow to take parts from their controller and it encapsulates them in his own small controller. This aid to that their code is much more clean and avoiding to have lengths codes in helper/partial/filter.


FriendlyId is in charge to optimize URLs so that they are much more friendly and easy to read mainly for the CATHEDRAL.

Simple Form

The forms always estan in each application Web. Simple Form helps to simplify this simple task of menera. simismo due to its simplicity in the code allows us to define styles in our Web without touching the existing code.


The attached archives are not easy to work. Paperclip is in charge of all the process to enclose archives, the transformation of images to miniatures and much more.


One of popular gems with more than 6 million unloadings. When you have a 60mil registry of lists and shows in a page, that surely has a problem in delaying in loading or the nevagador can be hung.  Kaminari is in charge to solve this problem with the pagination that is very personalizable.


In Rails many solutions exist to implement the processes that take too much as tasks of background. Each one has its advantages, and Sidekiq is not the exception. One is a gem similar to Resque, but the main difference is that it manages multiple tasks of concurrent form by means of the use of threads instead of processes which is in a smaller use of the memory.


I am proving each of these wonderful gems, if they want more details nothing better than to prove it and to practice, the gems have a documentation that this in the same Github.