Dangers and social risks of Facebook and other networks

By kedinn 2013/02/05

Dangers and risks of Facebook, so that it can have security and prevent these social dangers of Facebook and other networks as Twitter, Myspace, Sonic, Badoo, tuenti and among others


What dangers of the social networks we faced on a daily basis? There are preparation a listing with the most important forms of dangers and risks of using the communities Web. In order to take into account and to come up.

List of dangers that we found in the social networks:

dangers and security of facebook

1. The harassment in line

Cyberbullying or harassment through Internet is a phenomenon that alarms to governmental parents and authorities, since it increases, with the growth of the social networks and the time, increasing, that dedicate to the children and adolescents in these spaces. Intimidation, exclusion and battering are expensive of a same problem.

People who receive wounding messages, intimidating and humiliating are sent on a daily basis generating fear and pain in the victims and the diversion the pursuer. Secrets false shortages, rumors, ruined reputations, a continuous harassment that can take until the suicide if it is not prepared.

This he is perhaps one of the main dangers of the social networks that the parents fear for their children. A problem that can begin in the school, as a game between its friendly but that can also involve to adult people who take advantage of the facility to create false profiles in these platforms.

2.  Incitement to hatred

Prejudices, messages of hatred, intolerance and calls to the violence against a person or groups of people because of their political race, religion, nationality or ideas, also multiply and amplify in the social networks taking advantage of their characteristic viralidad.

The hatred messages are not exclusive of the sites of social networks, but can very frequently be used and for the racist speech and discriminatory expressions diffusion of towards the other, that is different. The attacked social groups more are the Jews, catholics, Muslims, Hindu, homosexual, women, immigrants and the minorities.

In May of 2010 Facebook was pressed to close the group “I also I hate the Jews?, a space that promoted detesting to a human group and urged the violence against that community. In YouTube on a daily basis videos of aggressive and discriminatory contents rise. The networks can also be then spaces where it seemed easier to organize and to join these hatred, doing them more visible.

3. Labor rejections

There am another one of the dangers of the social networks here. The offices of human resources are more and more kind to the social networks and to which they make or they say his used futures there. Much people, nevertheless, do not take into account how they affect the social networks to his reputation online. The profiles can help the recruiters to know better their aspirings and to reduce points to them.

4.  Phishing

This he is one of dangers of the known social networks more. One is a fraud modality that is characterized because the user is taken to the deceit doing to him to reveal all the data of access of his account by means of the invitation to an identical false page to the one of a social network. When doing click, the user will believe by the so similar appearance that it is a confidence site and will initiate session normally.

Once the data are collected, the page will redirect to the original site and the user will not have realized until their account is manipulated fraudulent aims as sending Spam to their contacts or convincing them to install some malicious program, taking advantage of his confidence. Its private information can also be sold next to the one of another thousands of accounts in the black market.

5.  Malware 

During the 2010, Facebook and Twitter, the most popular social networks indeed have been affected by security violations. The Koobface worm was one of the first great threats for Facebook in 2008. By means of commentaries in the profiles of his victims, it invited to see them a video by means of a connection a Web that as well asked to him to install a codec to see the site correctly.

From that date to today the fan of false applications has multiplied, with the promise to find out who visited its profile or to see the answers questions that their friendly have answered envelope they, funny images or the surprising news, the users are attracted to fall in these traps that finish with their infected accounts.

Another one of the dangers of the social networks occurred in Twitter with the use of acortadores for the connections has been taken advantage of for campaigns from Spam and redireccionamiento to sites doubtful trustworthiness. In addition, also applications exist that offer fascinating characteristics that they touch to his installation, when in fact they use the granted permissions to send more Spam or to rob private data.

6.  Problems of privacy

For many, the social networks have become daily archives loaded with riquísima information on their lives. From initial datas and of contact, to information about its friendly, their works, likings, routines and activities counted in photos and commentaries. Nevertheless, although they have facilitated to us to share part of our life, they also inspire fear and mistrusts exceed how those sensible data are administered.

Facebook from its creation has generated endless debates on its limits of privacy: the use of this information for the publicity and the easy access for the applications of third parties, indexed in external websites and the rights of property and reproduction.

7.  Loss of productivity 

Some people do not manage to control the time who happen reviewing their social networks, getting even to interfere with other activities as the study and the work. It is certain that sometimes it can seem easier to choose to spend an funny and relaxed time that concentrated in important activities, but this generates a problem because they are delayed. For that reason, they are more now the companies than they prohibit and they block its use in the offices and training centers to consider that they distract and they lower the productivity of its employees.

Tips and advice:

Facebook has a denunciation tool that allows that the users report offensive material. Or they are photos, a text, a group, a person, or a page, any member of the community of the social network can denounce using it the connection “to report…? We recommended in addition to review our article on Facebook to you 7 configurations of privacy.

You knew that…

Does Facebook in line comprise of an ample community of security? The social network collaborates with a group of organizations and experts dedicated to the security in Internet, call Safety Advisory Board (advisory Advice of security of Facebook), that offers advising in the matter of security.

They belong to this advice: Childnet International, ConnectSafely, The Family Online Safety Institute, The National Network to End Domestic Violence and WiredSafety. In addition, Facebook participates in the campaign “To Thin Line? of MTV, also collaborating with a group of EE.UU organizations with the purpose of to fight the harassment to lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transsexuals in Internet.


As in real life, Facebook can be a good place to be with friends of all the life and to know other new friendships, but he is not free of dangers. So the best thing always will be to know the threats and the tools that exist to prevent them.

These are the main dangers of the social networks that we faced day day, you know others more?