Mathematics and Programming + Branches

By kedinn 2013/05/15

This article this directed mainly for which just they are put in the programming.

I always had interest on the programming, technology, Games, APP.  Ever since empece to study in the university I decided to follow the race Sciences of the computation and after some cycles I realized that the programming was mine, since then asked whichever this bound the mathematics to me with the programming, so that he was a regular student in the mathematics, good when happening of the time I realized that the mathematics really very important if you not simply want to be a good programmer as a technician, but are focused in the investigation and to develop your logic.

It is not simply the mathematics, also we have the physics, Chemistry. that robotics and the programming go of the hand as

The programming is divided in many branches that to know all serious impossible one as learning all the languages.

Now we see to solve this problem we must look for what you are really wanted to dedicate to if to dedicate to you but to it, Example:

Applications for iPhone, Android = Mathematical basic or intermediate, Languages C, Objective-C, Java.

The Video Games = Mathematical intermediate or advanced as the physics, Languages as C or C++ and Herramientas 3d Max or Maya for the creation of objects, characters, cinematicses and maps in 3D.

 Web   = Mathematical basic interval or, To soon begin with serious HTML and PHP, Tools Apache + PHP + MySQL, and others as HTML5, CSS3, PHP5.

To make macros of Windows to automate tasks = Mathematical intermediate or basic, Languages of. Net as C#, Visual Studio Tool.

Beyond the programming = Mathematical Outpost and Physics to be Scientist in the programming as working in the great companies as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, IBM, Valve. Rockstar Games, ETC.

Note: these branches of the programming are advanced level if these beginning to program first you would have to learn to you develop your l+ogica and not to be learning the languages first. to begin with powerful languages as phyton or Ruby that is easy to understand and.

Good I hope to help them in something until the next one!