Installation of the publishing Eclipse

By kedinn 2013/01/01

In the previous concept we came to install the Java language (with these tools we can execute and compile programs codified in java), but now needed to install the Eclipse that is a publisher to codify the programs (although we can use other publishers, we we will use this to follow the course)


For the unloading of the publishing Eclipse we do it of the site:
For eclipse IDE Java Developers. (This is the one that is adapted more to our study)

Once we unloaded the Eclipse its installation is very simple, created a called folder eclipse and comes to decompress the unloaded file only indicating the unit where it settles (example c:).

Now we went to the folder where the archives settled and come to execute the program eclipse.exe

First it appears a message of beginning of the Eclipse:

eclipse installation

Soon the first time that we execute the publishing Eclipse appears a dialogue to select the folder where the programs will be stored that we will develop (we can create a folder where we will store all the projects that we will develop in the course):

eclipse installation

After forming the folder where they will be created project appears the publisher with a display screen (Welcome):

eclipse installation

This window of welcome we can close selecting it the icon: “Workbench?, and so it appears the surroundings of work of the Eclipse (if we again want to see the welcome window we can activate it from the menu of options: Help - > Welcome?

The surroundings of work of the Eclipse are:

eclipse installation