Wordpress VERSUS Joomla 3 - 2013

By kedinn 2013/03/31

At the moment wordpress is one of the CMS but utlizados by the users for being friendly easy use, CATHEDRAL and the resources of plugins and subjects are many but now With the last version of Joomla 3 I was investigating on his improvements and are really surprising on his new interface is but friendly, in the 2,5 or previous the problem of the usuary one was that them towards difficult to learn to also handle to the panel of administrator by its options 3 outposts and joomla now also this related for the Blogs.

Which are the new characteristics of Joomla 3?

  • The integration of Twitter Bootstrap the JUI, in the form of a SDK used by the developers
  • Group sensible, apt for ergonomic mobile and for Backend (ISIS)
  • Group sensible, apt for movable and ergonomic Frontend (ProtoStar)
  • To update “accessible? group Beez3
  • New data bases of the controller to install and to execute Joomla in 3 PostgreSQL
  • New advanced manager of cache (memcached)
  • Substitution by the new SimplePie JFeed to manage channels RSS
  • Installation attended of the packages of language of the Console of administration of programs basic
  • Addition of usuary ‘an Invited’ group of breach
  • Backup copy articles now can be empty
  • Addition of a new module for the visualization of the statistics in the Backend
  • Update of publishing TinyMCE version 3.5.6
  • Continuous cleaning of the source code and the homogenization of the tables nonused
  • Search improved Outpost
  • Many of the improvements in the matter of norms and rules of codification.
  • Process of unitary tests divides CMS
  • URL SEF improved with the canonical inclusion in the HEAD of the page
  • Integration of the new version of the platform 12.2 Joomla
  • Modules of Improvement of the ergonomics in the allocation of the position and the pages of menus
  • Improvement of standardization of norms and rules for the codification of Joomla
  • The operations of test of unit in servant CMS
  • Updated Shopsystems tests in the CMS


joomla 3 versus wordpressIn fact both they have the capacity high everything of hangs of each but joomla is a little but advanced a little could be said better but in aim you decide to them what is to him but useful, I hope leave his commentaries on this updates between Wordpress and Joomla.