I am inexperienced and I want to learn programming languages

By kedinn 2014/03/12


They are the thousand programming languages that exist, you accustom can be fatal not to find a language to begin to program.

I am going to show a list to them of the popular languages but of the simple thing the complex with its own concepts, this mainly for the nascent people.

In the personnel if you really want to learn to program of zero I recommend python.

For that they do not have experience


C is one of the used frequent use and programming languages more as an introduction to the programming. It has influenced in many languages that came after him, and the knowledge of C will do that the learning of later languages, as Objective-C (used by Apple), easier. It influences in many later languages that can wish to learn, reason why from C it will give a deeper understanding you of how the computers work.


Java is a high-level language that is designed to be compatible with any operating system. It has a syntax similar to C and C + +. It is a great programming language to begin, since widely practitioner is used and, nevertheless, will not give a depth him of the understanding of the operation of the computer as a low-level language since it makes C.

C + +

C + + close a breach between a language as C and Java, since it has characteristics of both high level and low-level languages. It is another language of common use that it has an ample range of uses and compatibility. One is based outside C and it adds characteristics OO. Also it has influenced in many other languages as C # and Java.


Python is a language that was designed having in mind the human legibility. Due to this, the greater amount is not needed code to execute programs as other languages. It is a great way, easy to learn concepts appellants in sciences of the computation and has the use of the real world in the creation of scripts.


Ruby has a function similar to Python, but he is less legible. It is that OO Python more, and is designed similarly with the simplicity in mind. It has many applications, but Web is used most frequently for the applications.


HTML and CSS are used for the design of webpages. Although these languages not really to help to smooth the way to learn more traditional programming languages, than are essential for the webpage design. Html (HyperText Markup Language) is a “language of brands?, that allows him to put content in a webpage whereas CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), it is used to give format and to define the design of a page.

Inventor MIT App for Android

If you are not interested in the programming as a profession (at least at the moment), she can be worthy to look with the MIT Inventive App for Android. He does not require codification, but he will teach how the programmers think to him and to provide knowledge on some concepts of computer science. In addition, you are going to finish being able to make that the applications of Android, once you have dominated!


What follows?

If you already have knowledge of another programming language then these are great languages of pursuit.


C# is used mainly for applications of Windows in. NET Framework. To learn C# is easy if you have experience in C, C + + or Java. The syntax is similar. Its popularity has increased as C# is used for applications of third parties in Windows 8 or Windows Phone.


Objective-C is used mainly for the operating systems of Apple, OSX (for Mac) and iOS (for iPhone and iPad). If you are looking for the development for Mac, Objective-C is the way to follow. Apple offers a great amount of support for the learning of Objective-C through its program of developer.


Javascript (little relation with Java) is a common language that it is used to make the webpages most dynamic. With a syntax similar to C, that does not require a concerted effort to establish, since Web is integrated in the navigators. Also it is used in other applications, such as PDFs.


PHP is another language often used for the development Web, although it works well as a general-purpose language. PHP can be implemented directly in HTML.Aquellos that they look for to learn PHP already would have to know HTML, CSS and Javascript.


Where to learn in line?

If you are just beginning to learn, she is recommended that you stick to a language until is very comfortable with him. Once it has chosen a language, a look throws to these resources to find courses:


OpenSesame is a salesman of corporative course e-learning that lodges content of a variety of salesmen. It is the best option if you wish that his employees to learn and to realise a pursuit through his own system of learning management. If you are an individual, nevertheless, they allow the purchase of individual licenses and a system of management of the learning is not required. They offer courses in all the languages that appear in this page and more of InfiniteSkills, Learntoprogram.tv, Webucator, Piedra River, Compuworks, Pearson and more.


Codeacademy offers gratuitous courses in the navigator that require little configuration and is very easy to use. The very interactive courses are courses and to offer in Javascript, jQuery, PHP, Python and Ruby, also has in Spanish.


TreeHouse is a paid service ($ 25 - $ 49/mes) that allows him to take courses in HTML, CSS, jQuery, Javascript, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, WordPress, PHP, iOS and Android. Similar to Codeacademy, concentrates in the interactivity and it allows him to learn in the navigator.

University courses in line

Many of the university courses in line free are also available. Some of them are only available for a certain amount of time or requires that you remain, among other things, in the rate of the course reason why can not be for all. In order to see if the language that wants to learn is offered, a look throws to Udacity or Coursera.