Page of navigation responsive nav with Javascript + CSS3

By kedinn 2014/03/22

Nice page of navigation, using Responsive Nav, the displacement of animation scrolling and hemstitches Javascript, Very good for the movable devices is android, iphone, tablet and others


  • Placed Fixed, the bar of always visible, very nice navigation the menu.
  • It uses vanilla Javascript, jQuery does not require
  • Animated displacement Smooth
  • Delay eliminates 300ms APT
  • It adds a mask on the content when navigation is opened
  • Car emphasizes present location
  • It uses a small customized source for the icons (only two characters including)
  • It closes navigation when one is outside the usuary faucet of the same
  • When touching a connection changes direction URL, reason why still it can copy/to beat and it connects to the different sections
  • Constructed progressive improvement in the mind
  • Author viljamis


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