10 excellent platforms to create movable applications

By kedinn 2014/06/24


If this looking for to create movable applications is for a business, blog, product or service and have problems with the time reversal and money that discourages it, will show platforms to them that can help him with these problems.

The good news is that the entrance in the movable market no longer necessarily requires of thousand of dollars and months of work. There are many platforms available to help to construct an application him of fast form and without it has problems with the programming.

1. Appery.io


Appery is a construction mobile application based on the cloud that can use to create applications for Android, iOS and Windows Phone, and includes Cordoba Apache (Gap telephone) with access to its integrated components.

Since the constructor executes himself in the cloud, there is nothing no to install or to unload, and is easy to begin to work quickly. It includes a visual publisher using component to drag & to drop to create the user interface. It can be connected to any API REST and use it in his application, and immediately add a data base in cloud and back-end for his application, if you need to store data.

You can add the long-range functionality with the catalogue of plugins Appery, or create his own plugins private customized to use in your applications. The collaboration is simple, which allows him to share its movable project with the development equipment, the users of businesses and clients in real time.

Price: Free and of payment that to arrive until the $180 per month.

2. Mobile Roadie


Mobile Roadie is a creator of own applications who allows anyone to create and to administer his iOS or Android. The platform supports all the mass media types, with the automatic import of RSS, Twitter or Google News key words, and a wall of the ventilator is updated automatically through what the users can chatear to each other in real time.

It can use the connection Mobile Roadie connection application to accurately obtain a previous view of his application, like the users would do in their devices. The application also will guide to him in the shipment process, with Mobile Roadie to verify the quality and the relevance of its content.

You can directly push the content his application and extract content of the same for his own website or blog. The API is independent of the language, reason why it can extract data in a variety of formats, including XML, JSON, PHP, CSV and HTML. You can design a customized aspect easily his application and to apply that to all the platforms, and to use the set of tools of marketing once the application is sent.

Price: The plans are to start off from the $125 per month (Core) and arrive to $ 667 per month (Pro).


to 3-AppBuilder


TheAppBuilder provides a suite of applications to adapt to the employees, the clients, the events and pamphlets, with two different approaches available. You can in line construct to the application using the kit of tools, and, or the distributed formation or the same TheAppBuilder will work with you to define and to construct the structure of the application and to fill up it with the initial content.

Using the dedicated AppLibrary, it can provide to his users with a window in multiple applications and to even personalize it with his own brand. You can protect applications as much public as private, with the names of user and passwords, and to distribute them through the store of applications, doing use of the integration of Activates Directory de TheAppBuilder to allow to beginning of session with existing credentials and user groups.

Update of the structure and the content of its applications is easy, even after going to live, because you can make limitless updates and publish in multiple movable platforms in a single click. The platform supports native iPhone, iPad and Android, with updates to publish it within the 60 seconds of the presentation of a change.

Price: Price available to request

4. Good Hairdressing salon

to 4-GoodBarber

Good Hairdressing salon provides a platform to construct applications of iPhone and Android, that allow him to take the control from all the details of its application without producing a single line of code. Nine colorful groups of design, highly personalizables are available to begin, with 350 beautiful icons and access to more than 600 Google Fuentes.

Along with the native applications of iPhone and Android, it has a free movable version of the fabric, that the users accede from the navigators of their telephones. Also it can tie this to his name of domain, if it wants that one becomes the official movable version of his website.

You receive immediate visual reconnaissance whenever she fits the parameters of the application. To send, unique subject to appeal notifications push and to turn to its readers in contributors when allowing them to send articles, photographies and videos. Also it can organize his application and add sections that go from videos, photos, sounds, live events and much more.

Price: The plans begin in $ 16 per month and arrive up to $ 32 per month for the Complete Plan

5. Appy Foot


Appy Foot is a movable tool of DIY based on the cloud of applications of creation that allows the users without programming knowledge to create an application for Windows, Android and iOS, and to publish it in Google Play or iTunes. There is nothing no to install or to transfer - you only must drag & drop the pages to create its own movable application in line. Once he is complete, it will receive a hybrid application based on HTML5 that works with all the platforms, including Blackberry. All the revisions are realised in real time, with the capacity to send notifications push, to obtain economic benefits with the announcements, to see live analysis, and the location crushes with GPS. Also it can integrate the feeding of social networks, blogs, websites, of audio, radio and more.

The planning appointment is especially useful for the companies, such as doctors, beauty parlors or spas with characteristics of contact as a call touch, codes QR including. The use of the page of codes can inlay customized code and iframes embed.

Price: Plans from Free and arrive to $ 33 per month for Platinum

6. AppMachine


AppMachine is a platform easy to use to create and to design professional native applications, as much for iOS and Android. By means of the interface to drag & to drop, it can combine different blocks from construction that offer a variety of characteristics, such as information, photos and video. The construction blocks also allow to tie their application for Facebook, Twitter, or stores in line. You can design the application in his own unique style and choose his routes of navigation, the colors, the sources and the icons, to take the complete control from design and being seen his progress through the previous view from.

He proves his application as you construct it and to verify his progresses in his computer, mobile or tablet. Once its application is totally proven and ready to leave, it can publish and promote his application, and analyze the data of the users. AppMachine is in charge of all the necessary one to secure its application in App Store of Apple and Google Play.

Price: The plans are only payment only, and begin from $ 499 (magnificent) and arrive up to $ 899 (Designer). To $ 1,299 option (developer) will be available shortly.

7. GameSalad


GameSalad allows him to create and to publish games for a variety of platforms, including iOS, Android, HTML5 and OS X. The interface to drag & to drop allows him to begin to work quickly, without needing no knowledge of programming.

The creator of games has a scene and publisher of actor, where he most of spends his time of creation of game, the creation of the actors in a scene and the creation of attributes, images, sounds and to sail between the actors. The forum of the active community is a great advantage, with access to the aid and the advising of other independent game designers.

GameSalad was associated recently with Amazon to offer the access to the options of development specifically optimized for the Kindle Fire platform, including integration to drag & to drop with the purchase within the application and API GameCircle.

Price: Plans from Free and arrive to $ 299 per year by Pro

8. BiznessApps


BiznessApps provides a platform to help to create movable applications for companies, a very simple process. A great amount of characteristics is offered, including orders of foods, car of purchases, programs of loyalty, the dynamic content, integrations of third parties, the notifications push, integral analysis and more.

The system of management of contents easy to use allows him to create an application in a matter of minutes, and personalizes everything with pre-constructed designs or own photographies. Also there are previous views in real time to control his evolution as a to design and to develop your application.

You can update your application right away in line, and modify all the interior, without having to send his application for one long update with Apple or Google. There are weekly seminaries exceeds how to construct beautiful movable applications using the BiznessApps platform, along with the access to hundreds of position of a guardian articles, to help to that the process is still more easy.

Price: The plans begin in $ 29 per month for the movable website and arrive up to $ 59 per month for movable applications

9. AppMakr


AppMakr is a platform of creation of applications of do-it-yourself work that allows iOS artisan anyone, Android and HTML5 applications, without no knowledge of codification requires. It was founded on 2009, and recently acquired by the infinite monkeys, that now form one of the majors platforms of applications of edition of do-it-yourself work worldwide.

You can make so many applications as she wishes, with limitless updates, and to use a series of characteristics, including the notifications push, galleries of hi-res of the photos, live updates, music and streaming of video, rooms of chat, integration of Google Maps, Calendar of shared events, in the application of purchases, and much more.

A pursuit becomes of all applications through control panel, easily to personalize aspect and the functionality of its application, to add content with eyelashes, previous view of the real-time application and to publish it in the markets with a single click.

Price: Plans from free and raising a unique tariff of $ 99 for the free publication

10. ShoutEm


ShoutEm offers a constructor of application with complete management of contents, powerful tools of participation of the users and the options of minting, along with a publication process without fissures, to provide a robust solution for the majority of the requirements. The constructor of interfaces offers many options of personalisation, and each application can perfectly be integrated with the existing sources of content, as WordPress, Foursquare, Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud and more. The multiple options of minting mean that you can create quickly a flow of income from his application, providing a experience of electronic commerce, subscriptions, supplies and coupons of application, with the support of all the main networks of announcements including.

You can publish his applications under his account of developer as much iTunes and Google Play, and update his application or the content in real time. ShoutEm also offers regular automatic updates, to assure that its application is always in front of new iOS and updates of Android.

Price: The plans begin in $ 19,90 per month and arrive up to $ 119.90 per month, but he is Limitless.