Google invests to $50 million dollars so that the children program

By kedinn 2014/06/25

Google started up an initiative with 50 million dollars to obtain that the children are interested in the programming or Computer Science that mentions Google.


Google this asking that more women enter computer science. The company announced a new called program Made with Code, that includes a mixture of projects on sciences of the computation, the associations with the youthful organizations and $ 50 million in financing of Google say that it is going to help that more women become jumbled in the field of computer science.

More than 150 girls of secondary they attended the event, including those of Girl Scouts of the EE.UU., Black Girls Code and Girls Who Code. Kaling, writer and actress, teacher of ceremonies the opening, that reunited in Google vice-president Megan Smith, Clinton vice President of the Clinton Chelsea Foundation, illuminates creative Miral Kotb, Director of Photography of Pixar Danielle Feinberg and co-founder to you Innovation UNICEF Erica Kochi.

Some of the projects that were in the event


Miral Kotb, creator and CEO of illuminate, show one to you of the dancers. All the suits of the dancers have programmed illumination. Two children in the first row, down to the right, the suit in a tablet is controlled remote.


061914_made_with_code_3 (1)

2012 winner Feria de Ciencias Google Bretaña Wenger, second from the right, mixes himself with other assistants.


children programming

An assistant interacts with Firewall, an interactive installation, programmed average by Michael P. Allison and Aarón Sherwood. The more spandex, most intense of the light designs is pressed against the surface and music becomes.


brasaletes print 3d

A girl designs a bracelet - that will be in 3D printed by Shapeways, a market of impression in 3D based on New York and the community - as part of the stand of demonstration of accessories.


bracelet 3d

A bracelet printed in 3D.