which is better? Blogger versus wordpress

By kedinn 2014/07/18

Many people look for to create a blog and the problem this in choosing the suitable platform, exists to blogger, wordpress.com and wordpress.org that is recognized and more used by the users, Is necessary to know how to differentiate between wordpress .com and .org since they are different services that will show them in the images, before I am going to explain to him in the personnel of what to choose, I have proven all these services without a doubt to blogger and wordpress.com is excellent platforms but I prefer to blogger by the simple fact to belong to google and left it wordpress.com since in the comparison there is not much difference that affects to me, now wordpress.org is another type of services who requires an own domain and hosting that with this we can personalize our subjects, practically can make complex websites but with limitations.


For my without a doubt first it is to blogger and if I want blogs but professional I choose wordpress.org, on the resources many sites exist as much to blogger and wordpress, one of the recognized sites to blogger is Bloggertrucos.




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